Silver Soiree Package

Silver Soiree

A Sprinkle of Silver

Description: Step into the spotlight with our Silver Spotlight Package, designed to elegantly illuminate your event while keeping it intimate and engaging. This package features our fully equipped trailer, complete with two service windows and a TV display, setting the stage for a seamless and professional hosting experience. Additionally, two projector displays elevate the visual impact, perfect for presentations or enhancing the event atmosphere with ambient visuals.

With six stylish standing tables, your guests will enjoy comfort and convenience, fostering a sociable environment ideal for networking or casual mingling. The elegant backdrop provided adds a touch of class to your photo opportunities, making every snapshot a keepsake memory.


  • Base Package (4-hour event): Contact for pricing
  • Additional Hours: Contact for hourly rates

Recommended For: This package is specially curated for those hosting corporate gatherings, small business events, or intimate celebrations. It’s perfect for occasions that require a sophisticated yet understated entertainment setup, where the focus is on quality interaction among guests rather than large-scale extravagance.

Details of the Silver Spotlight Package

  • Duration: 4-hour minimum booking
  • Included Features:
    • Fully equipped trailer with 2 service windows and TV display for a smooth and professional service
    • 2 projector displays to enhance the event’s visual appeal
    • 6 stylish standing tables, facilitating easy interactions and comfortable standing dining options
    • An elegant backdrop for creating memorable photos, ensuring guests leave with a tangible reminder of a wonderful event

Ideal For: Events that desire a blend of functionality and finesse, such as professional networking events, small-scale corporate functions, or exclusive private parties. This package ensures your event is not only functional but also visually appealing and memorable.